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3 Things to consider when looking for a new Dentist

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things to consider when finding dentistErie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA

Are you new to the area of Erie, Harborcreek, and Millcreek, Pennsylvania? If so, you probably are trying to find the right dentist to serve the dental needs of you and your family. Choosing the right dentist is one of the most important decisions you make during this time of acclimation. Not sure where to start? Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, has compiled this list of three things to consider when looking for a new dentist in Erie.

  1. Does the dentist use any methods of sedation?

Millions of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of feelings of anxiety or outright fear over just the thought of seeing the dentist. This condition is known as dental anxiety, and it can make people avoid dental care for years or even decades. Ironically, people with dental anxiety often can be in the greatest need of professional oral health services, because the neglect has created significant dental problems that now may require intensive procedures to correct—thus magnifying the anxiety that prevented them from seeing the dentist in the first place. Does this sound familiar? If you are one of the millions of Americans that suffers from dental anxiety, Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, may be the right dental office for you.

Erie sedation dentist Dr. Albert Starr offers two methods of sedation dentistry, making it possible for patients with dental anxiety or other pre-existing conditions that may complicate a dentist’s visit to receive the professional oral health care they need. Dr. Starr uses two methods of sedation: oral sedation, which involves taking a small pill; and nitrous oxide, which also is referred to commonly as laughing gas and inhaled through a mask that is worn over the nose. No matter what type of sedation you choose, you will remain conscious, but any feelings of anxiety and fear will diminish—as well your awareness of your surroundings. However, you will remain able to answer questions and follow the dentist’s instructions.

  1. Does the dentist practice cosmetic dentistry?

Technically, cosmetic dentistry is a specialization of dental science that focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth and mouth. However, many cosmetic dentists also are up to speed on the latest techniques and tools of dental science, combined with high-quality materials to produce beautiful results. In fact, patients who receive cosmetic treatments often report their teeth then function on a better level after the procedures in addition to looking great. So, even if you don’t really plan on needing cosmetic dentistry, simple fillings, crowns, and other restorative procedures should result in aesthetically pleasing results that function well.

Dr. Starr’s range of services in the area of cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Dental bonding
  • Crowns
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Veneers
  • Dentures
  • Partials
  • Teeth whitening
  1. Does the dentist offer dental implants? 

Are you living with lost teeth? Implants are considered the finest tooth replacement that is available in restorative dentistry. No other treatment option looks and feels so much like real teeth. The key part of an implant is the implant screw itself, which is inserted surgically into the jawbone and provides stimulation to the jawbone that previously was provided by the root of the now-missing tooth. An implant is extremely stable because it is fixed in the mouth thanks to the implant screw. Meanwhile, maintaining it is as easy as brushing and flossing your other natural teeth.

State-of-the-art dentistry in Erie

Dr. Starr and his staff are committed to providing the highest possible level of care to our patients. As part of this commitment, Dr. Starr seeks continuing education opportunities to remain well-versed in the latest progression in dental science. In fact, in late 2018, he completed the requirements to become a Fellow with the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, considered the finest post-graduate institution for dental education in the continent.

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Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, is proud to serve the oral health needs of individuals in the areas of Erie, Harborcreek, and Millcreek, Pennsylvania.