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Worried about stained, chipped, cracked, or gapped teeth?

Dental bonding involves applying a thin coating of a tooth-colored composite resin to the surfaces of a damaged tooth. This process strengthens the tooth and improves its appearance and shape. 

Dental bonding is best for minor changes in an overall healthy mouth, including:

  • $Improving a discolored tooth
  • $Closing a small gap between teeth
  • $Repairing little chips and cracks
  • $Improving the shape or length of a tooth
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What is dental bonding?

Ask us about cosmetic bonding! Dental bonding is often recommended for quick repairs to one or a couple of teeth. This fast procedure uses a natural-looking, tooth-colored resin to cover small imperfections, giving you that picture-perfect smile.

Need more significant changes and results? Veneers may be the better choice. We’ll help you understand what you need.


Bonding or Veneers?

Both dental bonding and veneers treat common cosmetic imperfections of the teeth. However, there are key differences that will help Dr. Starr recommend the best treatment. Depending on your needs, a combination of dental bonding and veneers may be the best option. 



Material Composite resin Porcelain
Cost Lower up-front cost More expensive but can save you money over time
Appearance Blend with the color of your natural teeth. May darken over time. More natural looking and can correct more cosmetic and structural concerns.
Durability Strong and effective for repairing teeth. May need to be replaced over time. Stronger and more durable than composite. Ideally lasts a lifetime. 
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How long does dental bonding last?

Dental bonding can last 3 to 10 years before requiring a touchup treatment. This time period will vary depending on your habits and lifestyle — for example eating lots of hard or acidic foods or chewing on ice. If you think you may be prone to breaking your dental bonding, you should consider something more durable.

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Do whitening treatments work on bonded teeth?

Your bonded tooth will be made to match the natural color of your teeth. However, if you’re looking to maintain a bright smile, keep in mind that the resin material used with dental bonding will stain over time. And it does not respond to whitening treatments.

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Is dental bonding strong?

This procedure uses a composite resin that chemically bonds with the teeth. This makes your tooth both strong and stable. However, dental bonding is meant to treat minor tooth repairs. It’s not recommended for larger repairs.

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Does bonding ruin your teeth?

No. If you are receiving bonding because your tooth has broken or chipped, composite bonding will restore and strengthen the broken tooth.   

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