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Did you know that your teeth can make you look older? As we age, our teeth become discolored, worn out, and sometimes need to be extracted. Even if you are diligent about oral hygiene efforts, and visit the dentist regularly, the chances are that your teeth will begin show signs of aging at some point in life. This is especially true for individuals with lost teeth, as gaps in your teeth can actually lead to wrinkles or a sunken-in facial appearance.
Erie cosmetic dentist, Dr. Al Starr, can install dental implants to reduce signs of aging on your face. Here’s how it works.


How can my dentist make me look younger?

For patients with missing teeth, this undoubtedly causes your face to lack support, and likely leads to more wrinkles, especially around the mouth. Rebuilding your bite by replacing any missing teeth would be an ideal place to start. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or an entire dental arch. That is the beauty of dental implants; you can replace one or all of your teeth, depending on your smile needs.


How do dental implants make me look younger?

The implant itself is not what makes you look younger; it is the support that it provides your mouth and cheeks. The implant post is surgically placed into your jawbone, which means it functions like a tooth root in terms of function and support. Attached to the implant is a dental crown, which looks like a beautiful, natural-looking tooth.
The results of your dental implants will be like having your old teeth again, except these new implant crowns will look flawless. The porcelain can be matched in color to blend in with your other teeth, or if you prefer, we can choose a lighter shade if you plan on receiving other cosmetic dental work such as veneers or teeth whitening.
For patients missing several teeth or more, their new dental implants provide a permanent solution to their sunken-in face or fine lines around their mouth. This is because the implants provide natural facial support, just like your teeth once did. While you may achieve similar support via dentures or a partial, neither option is permanent and has to be removed at night. Dental implants, however, are permanent just like your natural teeth.


Are dental implants the best option for me?

The only true way to tell which cosmetic dental treatment is best for you is to seek a consultation with us at Laser Dentistry of Erie. Dr. Starr, cosmetic dentist in Erie, will assess your oral health, and consider your smile goals when determining the best treatment plan. While dental implants are an exceptional tooth replacement option, they may not be suitable for every patient.


Dental Implants in Erie

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