how long do dental crowns last

How long should a Dental Crown Last?

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Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA Dental crowns are an effective method for restoring teeth that have suffered structural damage such as a significant chip, crack, or severe tooth decay. Often used to repair extensive damage, dental crowns provide strength and stability to a tooth that is badly decayed or broken. If you need a new dental crown in Erie or …

am i too old for dental implants

Am I too old for Dental Implants?

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Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA Dental implant procedures are on the rise as the benefits and investment have proven successful and worth the time and money. If you are missing teeth, dental implants may be right for you. Since the implants are made with titanium posts that are topped with a custom-fitted dental crown, they could be a permanent solution …

dental crown during covid 19

Need a Dental Crown during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA At Laser Dentistry of Erie, Dr. Albert Starr provides same-day dentistry to craft custom-made crowns. Dental crowns often are recommended to repair a severely damaged tooth or as the final step to a root canal. For many years, receiving a dental crown took at least two appointments, scheduled a couple of weeks apart. Technological advancements …

what to know about having crossbite

What you need to know about having a Crossbite

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Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA Have you ever heard of a crossbite? This refers to a lateral misalignment of the teeth, typified when the lower and upper jaw alignment is crooked. It looks as if the lower jaw is shifted too far to one side. If you’re one of the Americans living with an untreated crossbite, you face an elevated …

key factors when choosing implant dentist

3 Key Factors when choosing an Implant Dentist

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Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA Dental implants are the single best method of tooth replacement available. But how do you know if the dentist who is going to perform this surgical procedure is the right one for you? Making this decision on your own can be overwhelming. That’s why Dr. Albert Starr at Laser Dentistry of Erie has three factors …

oral health changes as you age

How your Oral Health changes throughout the Years

Admin Team Oral Health

Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA When you think about going to the dentist, you may be reminded of a checkup during your childhood, getting braces as a teen, or that time you had your wisdom teeth removed. However, professional oral health care is important at every age. Proper care during early childhood is important to set you up for a …

should you vape melatonin

Is Vaping Melatonin a Good Idea?

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Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA Melatonin supplements have been touted for years as a natural sleep aid. Now, it’s available as a vape with claims that vaping melatonin delivers results faster through the bloodstream than waiting on the effects of a pill. Vaping has been popular in recent years, although new reports state the dangerous effects of using vaporizers. Now, …

achieve your best smile in a day

Achieve your Best Smile in a Day

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Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA Does your smile affect how you see yourself? For most people, their answer is yes. Having straight, pearly-white teeth can boost our confidence and keep you feeling healthier. On the other hand, if you see aesthetic flaws when you look at your teeth, this can drain your self-esteem, affecting you professionally and socially. At Laser …

mail order orthodontics

Why you shouldn’t get Mail-Order Orthodontics during the Coronavirus

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Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA Smiling is the universal sign of happiness and acceptance. That’s why it’s no surprise that having a beautiful straight smile is important to many people. Unfortunately, few people have great-looking smiles naturally. Many people need orthodontic treatment to obtain that dream smile. This is where things get tricky. Due to recent coronavirus shutdown, many people …

Covid-19 Update

Coronavirus Update

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We at Laser Dentistry of Erie wanted to take a quick moment of your time to update you with our practice procedures in regard to Coronavirus. As our community navigates the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to let you know we continue to monitor reports from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry (, Pennsylvania …