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Don’t let gum disease take your smile!

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common but serious condition that can lead to tooth loss, infection, and other health complications if left untreated. Our experienced Erie gum disease dentists specialize in diagnosing and treating gum disease, helping you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

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Whatcauses gum disease?

Gum disease is caused by plaque buildup on the teeth. If plaque is not removed through regular brushing and flossing, it can infect the gums, leading to:

  • Gingivitis: The earliest stage of gum disease, characterized by red, swollen, and bleeding gums.
  • Periodontitis: Advanced gum disease, which can damage the soft tissue and bone that support your teeth, potentially leading to tooth loss.

Factors that can increase your risk of gum disease include smoking, diabetes, hormonal changes, certain medications, and genetic susceptibility.

At Laser Dentistry of Erie, we offer comprehensive evaluations to identify gum disease at its earliest stages and provide personalized treatment plans. Call Us! (814) 825-2615.

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Our gum disease treatment

Laser Dentistry of Erie utilizes the latest technologies and techniques to treat gum disease effectively, from the initial gingivitis stage to advanced periodontitis.

Scaling and root planing

A deep cleaning procedure that removes plaque and tartar from below the gum line and smooths out the tooth root to help gums reattach to the teeth.

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Discover the bright smile you deserve

Our experienced, Erie gum disease dentists are here to provide you with compassionate care and top-of-the-line treatment options.

  1. Call or contact us online to schedule your appointment.
  2. Discuss your concerns and goals with us.
  3. We’ll work together to develop a treatment plan that works for you.
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FAQs about gum disease

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Can gum disease be reversed?

Gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, can often be reversed with proper dental care and oral hygiene practices. However, advanced gum disease (periodontitis) requires more intensive treatments.

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What are the signs of gum disease?

Signs of gum disease include red, swollen, or tender gums, bleeding while brushing or flossing, bad breath, receding gums, and loose or shifting teeth. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact us for an evaluation.

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How can I prevent gum disease?

Preventing gum disease involves regular dental check-ups, professional cleanings, and good oral hygiene practices, including brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and avoiding tobacco.

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Is gum disease linked to other health problems?

Yes, gum disease has been linked to several other health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and stroke. The bacteria responsible for gum disease can enter the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body, highlighting the importance of maintaining good oral health.

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Can I treat gum disease at home?

Home remedies cannot replace the need for professional scaling and root planing, laser therapy, or other treatments provided by a dentist. It’s essential to consult with a dental professional if you suspect you have gum disease.

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From our family to yours

Laser Dentistry of Erie is a locally-owned family practice. As a second-generation dentist, Dr. Starr is dedicated to providing the care you need with the compassion you deserve. We believe that by treating you with the same level of care we’d want for our own family, you’ll feel comfortable and more easily embrace the care your smile needs.

We know you’ll enjoy our:

  • $Personalized approach
  • $Comprehensive services
  • $Judgment-free, gentle care
  • $Commitment to going above and beyond
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Our office

Welcome to Laser Dentistry of Erie! Imagine an environment that feels more like your friend’s house or a cozy spa than a sterile dentist office. Our office combines comfort and results to create an unparalleled experience for you. We can’t wait to welcome you in!

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