Veneer Process

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The cosmetic dentists at Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, can install veneers on your teeth. Once placed, veneers can lead to a dramatic change in your smile, resolving teeth that are cracked, chipped, misshapen, or discolored.

Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, offers porcelain veneers and composite veneers, as well as Lumineers.

Here is a more detailed explanation of veneers, how they work, and our procedures.

Planning your veneer procedure

If you have a veneer placed to correct a tooth that is chipped or cracked, or to cover a gap between teeth, then you only require one or two veneers to complete the procedure. If you are receiving veneers to correct crooked teeth, short teeth, or discolored teeth, then you may need a full set of veneers to cover all of your teeth that are visible when you smile, usually just the front teeth. 

Porcelain veneers

A porcelain veneer is a thin facade made of high-quality dental porcelain that is bonded to the front of your tooth. It has the same light-reflecting quality as natural tooth enamel and will be matched in color to look like your other natural teeth. We recommend having all your teeth whitened before receiving a porcelain veneer.

To receive a porcelain veneer, you must have a very small portion of enamel removed from the front of your teeth. This allows the veneer to bond flush against the front of your tooth, preventing any ledges or gaps that may trap food particles or foster the growth of bacteria. We may use a local anesthetic or sedation dentistry to ensure this procedure is comfortable for our patients. The procedure for a veneer usually involves only one visit. We use E4D technology that eliminates the need for impressions and temporaries. Instead, we use a digital scanner to gather all of the information that we need about your teeth and bite. Then, a dental technician fabricates your porcelain veneer while you wait. 

Composite veneers

Made of a composite resin, this type of veneer typically can be installed in a single office visit and does not require the use of any anesthetic. Our dentist will buff your tooth slightly, then administer a special bonding agent, after which the composite veneer is bonded directly to the tooth and polished. If your composite veneer has any issues, it can be repaired—unlike a porcelain veneer or Lumineer.


Lumineers represent the cutting edge in cosmetic dentistry. As thin as a contact lens, a Lumineer is placed on the front of teeth, permanently brightening teeth that are stained and discolored. That means, unlike a whitening procedure, you will not need any repeat applications if a Lumineer procedure is successful. Having a Lumineer installed does require two appointments—one for taking impressions, and a second for the placement of the permanent Lumineer. A benefit to Lumineers is that no filing of the tooth is necessary.

After your veneer procedure

Whatever type of veneer you choose, we will provide specific care instructions. If you follow these instructions, your veneer should have a lifespan of a decade or longer.

Why choose Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, to install a veneer?

A veneer only should be installed by a cosmetic dentist who is:

  • Trained in the latest methods, treatments, and procedures
  • Possesses state-of-the-art technology and tools
  • Has high standards and the discerning judgment to see flaws a novice cannot

To learn more about veneers or any of the other cosmetic dental treatments available at Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, just contact our office by calling (814) 825-2615.

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