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Sports Guards

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If your child participates in a contact sport, then you want to make sure he or she has all the protective equipment needed.

A mouth guard definitely should be on that list. Research conducted by the National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic Injuries found that injuries of the dental variety are the most prevalent type of facial mishap that occur among young people who play sports.

Dental injuries are not fun and games

A dental sports injury is not only common but, often, catastrophic. Total tooth loss is a typical consequence of a dental sports injury, which often necessitates a visit to an emergency dentist. An individual who sustains this type of injury usually misses at least some time at school or work. In the aftermath, a patient who suffers a dental sports injury also is at a higher risk of other oral health problems later in life.

For example, if tooth loss occurs, this can cause the existing teeth to become crooked as they shift into that space. Over time, a patient who has lost a tooth in such a manner will experience deterioration of the jawbone, as that area of the bone no longer is stimulated by the tooth root.

Choose a sports guard

Laser Dentistry of Erie can protect the oral health of any athlete, of any age, by prescribing a mouth guard to be worn during every competition and practice.

You might have seen athletic mouth guards available in sporting goods stores or even your local pharmacy or department store. At Laser Dentistry of Erie, we offer guards of a higher quality. Each of our sports guards is custom made from an impression of the patient’s mouth, helping to ensure a secure, snug, comfortable fit. When worn, our sports guards will protect the tongue and teeth from any injury that might be sustained in a collision—be it with a piece of athletic equipment or another athlete.

Make the commitment to safeguard the oral health of the athletes in your family. Have Laser Dentistry of Erie supply a custom-made sports guard. Call our office at (814) 825-2615 to schedule a consultation.

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