baby needs oral care too

Why your Baby needs Oral Care Too

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If you are a parent, you’ve probably experienced dealing with a teething baby. It can either be really cute and surprising or an absolutely miserable experience for everyone. Some teething babies are in pain and mad about it! Besides love and comfort, what can we do for our teething babies? Because babies can begin getting their teeth anytime from three to 12 months (or even later!), we, at Laser Dentistry of Erie, have some great information about the signs of teething and important tips for good oral hygiene for your baby.

Teething Signs

When a baby starts teething, there are several symptoms or signs that you can look for. One sign is crying or irritability for no apparent reason. Your teething baby just can’t seem to get comfortable. Excessive drooling is another common symptom. Some babies even get low-grade fevers when they are teething. Any combination of these symptoms is a good sign of a teething baby. An important point thing to remember is that a high-grade fever is not common with a teething baby. If your baby develops a high-grade fever, consult your baby’s doctor.

Teeth: Seen and Unseen

Even if you can’t see any teeth in your baby’s mouth, they are there under the gums working their way to eruption. In fact, there is, occasionally, that rare baby who is born with a tooth already! That’s why the pediatric dentist in Erie at Laser Dentistry of Erie always tells mothers to clean their baby’s mouth after each feeding or at least twice a day with a wet cloth wrapped around your finger. No toothpaste is necessary. This will cut down on the amount of time the mouth is bathed in milk sugars. We recommend gently massaging the gums. When Baby starts teething at around four months, and the gums are red and swollen, offer a chilled teething ring. When the first tooth comes in clean it, too. Lift baby’s lips to make sure there are no white or brown spots on the first tooth, which could indicate tooth decay.

Important for Moms and Dads to Remember

The bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay are contagious. Don’t test the temperature of your baby’s bottle with your lips. Don’t feed baby from your spoon, or clean a dropped pacifier by putting it in your mouth. If your town’s water supply does not contain fluoride, ask your pediatrician for fluoride drops.

The First Teeth

The American Dental Association recommends taking your child to the dentist as soon as the first tooth appears and no later than their first birthday. Once the teeth appear you can also begin brushing. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and start brushing your child’s teeth twice a day. Since very young children have not yet learned not to swallow toothpaste, use only a smear of fluoridated toothpaste or the size of a grain of rice. The first teeth usually show up around six months, although later is perfectly normal, too. 

Schedule your baby’s first dental appointment, at Laser Dentistry of Erie, right around the time of his/her first birthday. If your baby doesn’t get his first teeth until ten months, you can wait until six months after they come through.

Make something of a production of going to the dentist, both the first time and every time. Buy a new toy or a balloon, and talk it up. You are getting your baby off to a good start toward dental hygiene and trust is a big part of that.

Pediatric Dentistry in Erie

Babies are wonderful blessings. Good oral health is directly linked to overall health. We are ready to help! When your baby begins to get teeth, call Laser Dentistry of Erie at (814) 825-2615 to schedule an appointment.

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