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Tips to Protecting your Child’s Teeth this Halloween

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Does your child look forward to Halloween each year because of all the candy they will get to indulge in? While it is perfectly acceptable by our society to celebrate Halloween, and other significant holidays, with sweets and candy, do your child a favor by protecting their oral health this Halloween with these tips provided to you by Dr. Albert Starr, a family dentist in Erie.

We get it, kids love candy! So do we, if we are being honest here. But, many parents are concerned with their child’s health, and their teeth, as the candy pours into the house after trick-or-treating festivities. We don’t want to put a damper on the enjoyment of eating candy, but we’ve got some tips that may be helpful for you.

Set Limits

What would your child do if you allowed them to have a free for all with their bucket of Halloween candy? Most kids could not be trusted to eat only a few pieces, right? Be sure to set limits on how much your child can consume in one sitting. In fact, it’s actually better to go ahead and let your child eat an appropriate amount of candy in one sitting, rather than snack on it throughout the day, constantly bathing their teeth in sugar. You may also want to keep their candy stored out of reach to prevent the temptation!

Stay Fun

Don’t worry too much about a little sugar around Halloween. After all, we know all to well how quickly kids grow out of trick or treating around the neighborhood. Soon enough they will be teenagers with the least bit of interest in celebrating in this way. Although no one really ever grows out of loving candy, do they? There’s only so much candy that can be had during a round of trick or treating, so don’t feel guilty for letting your child enjoy some candy.

Keep the Water Coming

While your child snacks on his or her candy, be sure to provide them with plenty of water. This helps keep them hydrated but also rinses out their mouth, washing away sugar that could buildup on their teeth. Plus, if your drinking water is fortified with fluoride, it helps to remineralize your child’s teeth, which decreases the risk of tooth decay.

Encourage Oral Hygiene Habits

After all of the Halloween activities are over for the night, encourage your child to brush and floss his or her teeth before bed. Be sure they get a good brushing and flossing session in before they hit the sack for the night.

Trade the Worst Offenders

Gummy, or sour treats, as well as bubble gum,  are the worst offenders for our teeth! They are loaded with sugar and are sticky, which is a double whammy. Milk chocolate, pretzels, or crackers are better choices for their teeth. Even better is dark chocolate, and sugar-free gum. Consider swapping those worst offenders for better options.

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