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Enjoy Halloween without Spooky Consequences for your Oral Health

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Halloween is a night all kids look forward to. It can take children weeks to decide what costume they want to wear. Will they make their costume on their own or will they want to pick out the perfect one in a store? No matter the costume or the age, your children will want to run through their neighborhoods with other kids filling pillowcases, plastic pumpkins, or soft felt character sacks with candy. They’ll run home exhausted at the end of the night, dump all that candy into a pile, let you check it… and then you’ll cringe thinking about what all those sweets will do to their teeth.

Children and adults alike love Halloween, but Halloween can wreak havoc on your dental health. There’s sugar in everything offered up at Halloween.

That’s why your dentist at Laser Dentistry of Erie has a few quick tips to help keep your children’s teeth healthy this Halloween.

  1. Timing – We know your kids want to eat every piece of candy at one sitting, but help them refrain. One way to reduce your child’s cavity risks is to have them eat their candy with a meal. You might be thinking. “Candy at dinner?” but hear us out. When you eat, you increase your saliva production, which helps to scrub away food particles from your teeth, including the sticky and sugary ones left behind when you eat candy.
  2. Be Picky – All candy isn’t created equal. In order to encourage better oral health, avoid tacky and gummy candies. Instead, choose the types that are made from milk or dark chocolate. Chocolate is less likely to stick to your teeth, while gummy and tacky candies are more like to get stuck in cracks and crevices. Dark chocolate usually contains less sugar as well.
  3. Hydration – Water is vital for your child’s health and survival. It also helps to flush away any remaining particles left on teeth after your child went to town on their Halloween candy. It can be extra helpful if the water you’re providing is fluoridated, not bottled.
  4. Brush – If possible, have your kids brush their teeth immediately after eating any sweets. This makes it more likely you’ll be able to prevent the buildup of those bacteria that cause cavities. Make sure your children are brushing before bed, too. Bacteria lingering on teeth overnight are one of the leading causes of enamel destruction.
  5. Visit Your Dentist – A final tip for protecting teeth during Halloween is to schedule a preventive care visit with your dentist to receive a cleaning and examination. At Laser Dentistry of Erie, your family dentist Dr. Albert Starr can apply sealants, if your children haven’t already received them. This will provide an additional defense against corrosion and sugars.

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Don’t let Halloween create a spooky dental situation. Dr. Albert Starr and our staff at Laser Dentistry of Erie are proud to use the most modern advancements in dental care to keep your child’s mouth healthy. Prevention and early treatment remain your best defense against issues with your oral health. If you are located in the Harborcreek, Millcreek, or Erie, PA areas, schedule an examination or consultation with Laser Dentistry of Erie. Just contact us by phone at (814) 825-2615.