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Five Reasons to be Thankful for your Smile

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There are all types of smiles: angelic smiles, crooked smiles, and Mona Lisa’s smile. You can smile with just your closed lips or with your teeth. While the closed mouth smile is the most mysterious; the full teeth smile is the most expansive and enthusiastic. Just as Shakespeare said that eyes are the windows to the soul, you could also say that smiles are the windows to the heart. Have you ever thought about why your smile is so important, and why you should be thankful for yours? Your cosmetic dentists in Erie would like to share with you reasons why you should be thankful for your smile this Thanksgiving.


A smile says you are welcome here or that you are happy to see the person smiled at. Instinctively, a smile calls for a return smile, almost automatically. People are that wired into each other that they respond to a smile with feelings of pleasure or relief. After receiving a gift or a peace offering or an offer of friendship, a smile lets the giver know that he/she did the right thing and is appreciated. It’s better than a card at conveying warmth and caring. It says, “I approve of you; I like your looks or your manners or your general aura.” When you receive a smile or give one, it’s a happy moment.

The Laughter of Children

Perhaps, nothing is more smile producing or gives more genuine pleasure than the laughter or the grin of a child. It is contagious, and from the appearance of the baby’s first tooth to the loss of baby teeth, the smile and laughter of a child are one of the proudest moments and the most memorable experiences a parent can be thankful for. In fact, a baby’s smile is born from the love shown to them by their parents. It is uncomplicated and sweet.

The Stuff of Love

Lovers thrive on each other’s smiles. Nothing is more beautiful or entrancing than two partners in love. It is the most natural and effortless of reflexes, and the one that most sparks the affections of another person. Many lovers believe that the smile is the most attractive feature of their partner.  


No matter how many wrinkles or how different an older person looks from their younger self, their smile can reveal the person’s beauty or youthful self. The actress, Jessica Tandy, is an example of an older woman, whose smile was so dazzling; she looked 20 years younger when you saw it. Chris Pratt, also a celebrity, has a mesmerizing, masculine smile, no matter his age. A smile, indeed, never grows old.


Best of all a smile never gets too corrupted or lost. Even if you lose teeth from playing football, in a car wreck or a fistfight, they can be fixed by your Erie cosmetic dentist at the Laser Dentistry of Erie. We can straighten crooked or protruding teeth. Got stained teeth or periodontal disease? We can fix all that and restore your smile to the best it can be. With the help of Laser Dentistry of Erie, a smile can be “happiness right under your nose.”

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