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3 Things your Dental Hygienist Wishes you Knew

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what hygienist wishes you knewErie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA

Dental hygienists are your cheering squad when it comes to good dental hygiene. Your hygienist, nor the dentist, are here to make you feel guilty or shameful for less than perfect teeth. But, our goal is to help patients experience good oral health. Who better to share a few oral hygiene tips than a dental hygienist. Here’s what we wish you knew.

  1. Cleaning Your Teeth Requires Effort

The daily recommended regimen of oral care by the American Dental Association (ADA), brushing twice a day and flossing once daily, are excellent ways of keeping food debris and harmful bacteria from attacking your tooth enamel and gums. However, when it comes to a routine, the monotony can lead to going through the motions of brushing and flossing without carefully considering what you are doing. To help you reduce the amount of plaque left behind that can calcify into tartar, we recommend paying special attention to your brushing and flossing habits. Therefore, brushing and flossing your teeth in front of a well-lit mirror with little distraction can reduce the amount of harmful plaque and bacteria that remains until your next cleaning appointment. Be sure to actually brush your teeth for two minutes.

  1. Foods and Beverages You Consume Directly Affect Your Teeth

When hungry, it is very seldom that you stop to think about how the food or beverage you are about to consume will affect your teeth. Exposing your teeth to sugar, acids, and other unhealthy foods or drinks can lead to erosion of your tooth enamel and result in the formation of cavities. Therefore, hygienists at our family dental office in Erie recommend consuming a healthy, well-balanced diet filled with nutrient-rich foods to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Water is the best option when it comes to beverages as it promotes healthy teeth and gums, helping to wash away harmful bacteria and strengthening your teeth with fluoride.

  1. Protect Your Teeth

Food and beverage consumption is the primary purpose for your teeth, but you may encounter other uses, such as biting your fingernails or opening a bottle or package with your teeth. Unfortunately, the small insignificant activities could have a cumulative impact on your tooth structure’s overall health and integrity. You may wind up visiting our emergency dental office in Erie looking to get a broken tooth fixed in a hurry. We recommend patients only use their teeth for consuming foods and beverages and not as a tool for other needs. By protecting your teeth from harmful activities, you can reduce potential damage and be ready to flash your smile.  

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Your oral health can dramatically influence your overall health. By instilling the above suggestions into your daily activities, you could avoid some common dental conditions requiring advanced treatments saving both time and money. If you are behind on your dental checkups or cleanings, feel free to call Laser Dentistry of Erie (814) 825-2615 to schedule a consultation. Our family dental practice is located in Erie, convenient to Harborcreek and Millcreek.