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Even if you brush and floss as recommended and visit your dentist regularly, chances are that you will need a filling at some point in your life.

At Laser Dentistry of Erie, we can install a tooth-colored filling. Also referred to as white fillings or composite fillings, this type of dental restoration will look natural and blend in with your existing teeth.

Why choose a tooth-colored filling?

A tooth-colored filling consists of glass or quartz filler inside a resin medium.

This type of filling has several advantages, compared to the metallic silver fillings that have been used traditionally in dental work. Because a white filling is bonded to the tooth, it is much less likely to fracture or fail. A composite filling also expands and contracts at the same rate as natural teeth during the temperature changes that occur every time you eat and drink. Metallic fillings, on the other hand, are more likely to break or cause damage to a tooth because of these temperature changes.

In addition to repairing new areas of tooth decay, we also can install a tooth-colored filling to replace older dental work that has begun to fail or that has you dissatisfied.

What can you expect from this type of filling procedure?

The installation of a tooth-colored filling will maintain more of your healthy, natural tooth structure.

Anesthetic is applied to the area being treated. The dentist will remove the cavity or area of decay, along with any of the tooth structure that sustained damage from the cavity. After the tooth is cleaned thoroughly, the dentist will apply a bonding agent to the tooth, followed by the installation of the filling itself. A special curing light hardens the filling material, and then the dentist will shape and polish the filling, leaving you with a gorgeous smile, and a healthy tooth.

We tailor each treatment to the specific needs of every individual patient; however, in most cases, you can expect to have a filling procedure completed during a single appointment.

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