Digital X-Rays

Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA

At Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, we take pride in using technology at the cutting edge of the dental profession to provide the highest level of care possible. One of the most valuable diagnostic tools at our disposal is digital X-ray technology.

The digital difference

Forget what you think you know about traditional X-ray machines.

Digital X-rays have the following advantages when compared to conventional X-ray technology:

  • Digital X-ray sensors emit a small fraction of radiation, compared to traditional X-rays.
  • Digital X-ray images are clearer and more precise. This greater image quality also minimizes the number of X-rays required for each patient, thus further reducing radiation exposure to a minimum.

What can you expect from having X-rays taken?

At Laser Dentistry of Erie we take four types of digital X-rays for diagnostic purposes:

  • Cephalometric (CRPH): This X-ray takes an image of one entire side of the mouth. It is used most commonly to develop a treatment plan for orthodontic work, since the images produced can depict the teeth, jawbone, and soft tissues.
  • Panoramic (PAN): This X-ray is a valuable diagnostic tool for young people, and monitors any potential developing abnormalities in teeth, jaws, sinuses, and jaw joints. Panoramic X-rays also are taken commonly following a facial injury to detect any damage not visible to the naked eye. No bitewing or film is inserted, making this type of X-ray ideal for patients who have small mouths or strong gag reflexes.
  • Bitewing (BWX): This type of X-ray takes images of areas between teeth that, otherwise, cannot be seen using the naked eye. This X-ray can show any areas of developing tooth decay, long before they form into visible cavities.
  • Periapical (PA): This type of X-ray provides an extremely detailed view of the complete structure—including the crowns, roots, and supporting bone structure—of up to three teeth that reside adjacent to each other. These X-rays frequently are taken on young children, as they can depict baby teeth as well as developing permanent teeth prior to their eruption in the mouth. This X-ray is also used for diagnostic purposes in patients of all ages.

Digital X-ray technology is just one of the reasons why we think you should entrust Laser Dentistry of Erie to provide elite oral health care for your family. To learn more about our services, call our office at (814) 825-2615.

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