Dental Partials

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Living with lost teeth affects your quality of life. You have greater difficulty eating and chewing. Your self-confidence is lower because of the gap in your smile. Laser Dentistry of Erie can restore your bite and your smile by providing you with a custom-made partial denture.

What is a partial denture?

Like all dentures, a partial is a removable prosthetic tooth replacement option that replaces missing teeth. A partial can be removed for cleaning or when you sleep.

A partial denture safeguards against malocclusion—also known as a bad bite—or crooked teeth. This crookedness develops in patients with lost teeth, when the remaining teeth shift into the empty gap in the mouth.

A regular partial denture has a metal frame that is covered by an acrylic base. Prosthetic teeth, which are matched in shape and color to look like the rest of the natural teeth, are bonded to that base. The partial attaches into the mouth via clasps that are part of the metal framework. These clasps give a partial denture a secure fit in the mouth.

Metal-free partials

A regular partial is not right for every patient or every situation. Certain patients need a denture in an area of the mouth that is highly visible, such as the front teeth. Other patients cannot have a regular partial installed because of a metal allergy.

In these cases, Laser Dentistry of Erie offers metal-free partials. These partial dentures lack the metal framework and clasps, which make a metal-free partial nearly indistinguishable from your remaining natural teeth. Metal-free partials are constructed of a flexible acrylic that blends in with your gum tissue.

In addition to not aggravating a metal allergy, metal-free partials have the following advantages:

  • More lightweight
  • Greater flexibility
  • More comfortable

Why should you continue to endure the inconvenience, lack of confidence, and long-term risk to your oral health that come from living with missing teeth? Learn more about partial dentures or any of the tooth replacement options available at Laser Dentistry of Erie by calling our office at (814) 825-2615.

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