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Questions you should ask when choosing an Implant Dentist

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Are you thinking about having dental implants installed to replace your missing teeth? Great news! A dental implant represents the finest tooth replacement option available in all of restorative dentistry. No other tooth replacement looks and feels more like natural teeth. However, not all dentists are qualified to install implants, so you may have to look elsewhere from your current dentist to find an implant dentist in Erie. This makes it important for you to do your research, making sure to select one of the best implant dentists. To help, Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, compiled this list of questions you should ask when choosing an implant dentist.

How long has the dentist been in practice?  

Not all dental training is equal, and some have enough practical experience in their first few years to handle an implant installation procedure with confidence. However, generally speaking, you want to find a dentist who is a veteran in the field with many years’ experience. If the dentist you are considering is part of a practice in a partnership with other dentists, you might want to look into the educational background of the partner dentists, too.

Where did the dentist get their training in implants?  

There only is a small focus on dental implants taught in normal dental school but, in most cases, dentists learn how to work with implants in post-graduate training, mini-residencies, or even while working with a more experienced dentist who serves as a mentor. You want to make sure the dentist you choose has significant experience and education in the specialty of dental implants.

Does the dentist have experience in oral surgery?  

Because the implant screw itself must be inserted into the jawbone itself, this qualifies as a type of oral surgery. As a result, we recommend you choose a dentist who has trained in oral surgery, and who offers these services at his or her practice.

Is the dentist accessible?

Any dentist you choose to install a dental implant should be willing to answer any questions you may have, including the questions in this blog. The answers you receive should leave you feeling comfortable, well-informed, and completely prepared for your implant procedure. You also should ask to see before-and-after photos of former patients who had dental implants installed, and the dentist you are considering should be happy to provide this photographic evidence of past success stories.

Implant dentistry in Erie

At Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, Dr. Albert Starr considers implant dentistry to be one of his specialties. The first step in receiving an implant at our practice is to have a consultation with Dr. Starr. At this meeting, your oral history and medical health history will be consulted. If it is found that you are a good candidate for this procedure, Dr. Starr and his staff can walk you through each step of the procedure, what to expect during and afterward, as well as the costs involved.

Why live with the inconvenience and potential oral health risks of tooth loss? Let Dr. Albert Starr replace your lost teeth with dental implants. Schedule your consultation today by calling (814) 825-2615.

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