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Most dentists believe it is essential to prevent tooth loss whenever possible, and Dr. Albert Starr of Laser Dentistry of Erie is no different. Placing a crown can save a tooth even if it has sustained serious damage due to an injury or tooth decay. Thanks to advances in dental technology, the process of installing a crown is more convenient than it ever has been. Read on to see how Dr. Starr can provide you with a beautiful, functional crown in a single day thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

Same-day dentistry has revolutionized the dental world

In the past, getting a crown meant making two appointments with your dentist and dealing with the inconvenience of a temporary restoration between those office visits. Now, dental practices that use advanced technology can fabricate a permanent restoration in a single day, even while you wait at the office during your appointment.

At Laser Dentistry of Erie, we use the E4D System. This computer-aided design and manufacturing technology streamlines the entire process of making your crown. After any damage or decay is removed from the tooth and it is cleaned thoroughly, an enhanced photo of the tooth is taken and sent to the computer, which uses that photograph to create a three-dimensional image, which serves as the model for creating your crown. The crown is constructed to match both the shape and the color of your natural teeth, with one of our highly-trained cosmetic dentists putting both their scientific training and aesthetic flair to work to produce a beautiful restoration. Then, using durable dental porcelain, the milling machine goes to work to fabricate your permanent restoration. The same technology also can be used to make veneers, as well as inlays and onlays.

Enjoy the benefits of crowns made using E4D technology

Have you ever had a crown in the past? Rather than having to schedule two different appointments and wait multiple weeks between them, the entire process of receiving a crown often can be finished in less than two hours. Not only are these crowns made in a single day, but they’re also just as well made as crowns that are fabricated off-site at a dental laboratory. In fact, because they are modeled from digital images, same day crowns arguably are more precise, which means a more natural fit. The porcelain is not only beautiful, but it resists stains from dark-colored foods and drinks and reflects light just like natural tooth enamel.

Receive crowns in a single day in Erie

The use of the E4D System is just one of the ways that Dr. Starr uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest possible level of care. To learn more about our crown procedures, or any of the other treatments we offer or take a tour of our office, just call us at (814) 825-2615. We welcome patients of Erie, Harborcreek, and Millcreek.