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If you have a tooth that has sustained significant damage or decay, Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, can install a dental crown. Placing a crown on a seriously damaged tooth replaces the entire exterior while preserving and protecting the interior structure from further damage. A crown also safeguards against total tooth loss and the consequences that follow such as loss of supporting bone structure.

Is a crown right for me?

Any of the following oral health problems can be treated by the installation of a crown.

  • A tooth that is broken or fractured
  • A tooth that is weak, brittle, short, or misshapen
  • A tooth that has become damaged by an older filling
  • A large area of decay
  • Discoloration that does not respond to teeth whitening treatments
  • Following a root canal procedure

What can you expect during a crown procedure?

Having a crown installed often requires two trips to the dentist. At the initial visit, the dentist will clean the tooth thoroughly and remove the damaged area. After taking an impression, which will be used as a model from which to make the permanent crown, a temporary restoration is installed to protect your tooth while our trusted dental laboratory handcrafts the permanent crown. Your new crown will be installed at the next visit, which will be a week or two after your initial appointment.

The final results of your crown will look and feel completely natural. Dental crowns may be porcelain (tooth-colored), all metal, or even gold, depending on your smile needs. To prolong the life of your new dental crown, be sure to practice a healthy regimen of oral hygiene.

How to care for your dental crown

Caring for your dental crown is as simple as caring for your own teeth. Simply brush and floss as you would normally. Be sure to floss around your crown to prevent tartar from building up around the gum line.

If you or a member of your family needs a crown, then contact the office of Laser Dentistry of Erie by calling (814) 825-2615.

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