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What to Expect when going to a Cosmetic Dentist for the First Time

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New experiences sometimes cause feelings of fear or uneasiness because of the unknown factors involved. Even though you may be comfortable with the processes of regular dentist appointments, you may harbor some anxiety about visiting a cosmetic dentist. Today on the blog, Dr. Albert Starr, shares what to expect when going to a cosmetic dentist for the first time.

The Consultation

At Laser Dentistry of Erie, we understand the critical nature of establishing a positive relationship with our patients built on trust. During your consultation, you can expect our staff to ask several questions about both your oral health and overall health conditions. Additionally, we may request access to your dental records to learn more about your dental health history. By gathering your personal information, we can provide the best treatment for you based on your specific needs. Also, your leading Harborcreek cosmetic dentist, Dr. Starr, will discuss with you concerns that you may have regarding your smile.

Your First Appointment

The majority of your first appointment after your consultation is to discuss treatment options that are right for you based on your current dental records and past dental procedures. Some of the assessments your Millcreek family cosmetic dentist, Laser Dentistry of Erie, may conduct during your first appointment are to gain a clear picture of your oral health needs.

Below are some activities we perform for most cosmetic dentistry patients

  • A full visual examination of your mouth and inspection of any previous dental work
  • Intraoral pictures
  • Digital x-rays of your teeth and the surrounding soft tissues
  • Impressions and casts of your upper and lower teeth
  • Review before and after photos to guide the discussion about realistic expectations
  • Discuss tooth color goals for patients considering dental crowns, teeth whitening, veneers or dental implants
  • Assess your smile on a computer model to fully understand the changes in your smile

Since cosmetic dental treatments are often a time commitment because of several appointments, your professional Erie cosmetic dentist at Laser Dentistry of Erie wants to ensure that you are comfortable with the treatment process. If there are any questions about your treatment, clarification of the procedure should be obtained before your first planned appointment. Once you have your questions answered, your treatment options decided and your plans are in place our well-trained staff will schedule your follow-up appointments to begin treatment.

Cosmetic Dentist in Erie, Harborcreek and Millcreek, PA

Cosmetic treatments are not reversible, so taking your time to think about which treatment is right for you and approved by your dentist is crucial. Before beginning treatment, make sure you are comfortable with the procedures and treatment plan. Also, if at any time you feel dental anxiety, please communicate those feelings to your personable Harborcreek cosmetic dentist at Laser Dentistry of Erie. To find out more about cosmetic dentistry or to schedule your consultation, feel free to call (814) 825-2615 or schedule an appointment online. Our professional team will work hard to ensure you have a knowledgeable and comfortable experience while getting your new Hollywood smile!