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Use Veneers to get Whiter Teeth

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Looking to make a good first impression? It starts with your smile. A study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that, among respondents, 71 percent of women and 58 percent of men first noticed the teeth of potential mates before any other outward feature or appearance factor. However, many people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their smile—and having dingy, discolored teeth is one of the most common complaints. You could try using a store-bought whitening treatment to brighten your smile, which eventually will need to be touched up and repeated. However, a skilled cosmetic dentist like Dr. Albert Starr at Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, could place customized, porcelain veneers over your teeth to provide you with a permanently white and perfect smile.

Veneers can do much more than just provide whiter teeth

Brightening your teeth by just a couple of shades can make a big difference in the appearance of your smile. This can be just one of the aesthetic goals achieved by using veneers. To whiten teeth, you should have veneers placed on all the visible teeth in the mouth. These veneers, which are made of a thin layer of dental porcelain, cover the front of teeth. When installed, veneers also can correct aesthetic flaws such as chips, cracks, small fractures, differently sized teeth, uneven tooth wear, or concealing an unwanted gap between two teeth.

Even professional whitening treatments are limited by your natural enamel

A whitening treatment is limited by the shade of your natural tooth enamel. This applies whether you are choosing to have a professional dental whitening procedure or opt for an over-the-counter product such as whitening toothpaste, oral rinses, or a store-bought whitening kit. Professional whitening treatments are a better choice because the whitening agents used are of a higher concentration than any store-bought whitening product. If you want your smile to be brighter than your natural enamel, your cosmetic dentist in Erie, Dr. Albert Starr, can adjust veneers to any shade you desire, even if it is brighter than your natural enamel.

Educate yourself on what causes stains on teeth

The dental porcelain used in the making of veneers at Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, is stain-resistant and reflects light in a similar manner to natural tooth enamel, but tooth enamel eventually will be stained if exposed too frequently to tobacco, dark-colored fruits, wine, and coffee. A whitening treatment can resolve many of these stains, which are referred to as extrinsic because the stains come from external factors. Intrinsic stains also can develop within teeth—either from the result of fluorosis, as a side effect to certain medications, or after the installation of a dental amalgam filling. 

Veneers in Erie

At Laser Dentistry of Erie, LLC, we primarily offer porcelain veneers, but we also use veneers made of a composite resin. Composite veneers are more economical and can be installed in a single appointment—as opposed to porcelain veneers, which require two appointments several weeks apart to complete. We also are licensed to work with Lumineers, an extremely thin type of porcelain veneer that usually can be placed without removing any of the existing tooth structure or can be installed over existing dental work. To learn more about veneers, or our tooth whitening procedures, contact (814) 825-2615 to schedule a consultation.

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